New Menya City Authority
New Menya City Authority

The Need:


Grid-tie: its apart of Egyptian government plan to improve the national grid
with alternative and green power sources.
Emergency and backup: City Authority is very important and critical load
and depending on diesel generators as backup isn’t very reliable compared to
solar power.


Solution :

1- Based on load profile of  3 KW emergency system was installed which consists of:

component  configuration
Solar PV : 3 KW (luxor)
Solar chargers: 4 KW (STUDER)(1Xvariotrack)
Inverter: 5 KW(STUDER)(1X xtender XTH-6000)
Battery: 24 cells (2V 8RES SOPzV 1360 AH)

2-Grid-tie system of  42 KW:
component configuration
Solar PV 42 KW (luxor)
inverter 40 KW (Advanced Energy ) (2 x20KW) .


Pv solar power plant 45 Kw Roof mounted. project consists of : 42 kw pv panel connected to grid-tie. Inverter 3 kW pv panel connected to backup and emergency system for City Authority. Project status : finished and working .


45 Kw solar power plant feeds the City Authority and give backup system for important and critical Loads .